Usage Based Electricity Shopping – The Best Way to Save Money on your Electricity Bill.


Read this before blindly choosing your next electric plan. It could save you hundreds on your electric bill.

Navigating the Texas electricity landscape can be confusing and frustrating.

NoDepositLights was created to help you shop and compare electricity plans according to your own custom usage history.

If you’re searching for the lowest rate electricity plan for your Texas home then you’ve come to the right place.

There are over 60 retail electricity companies competing for your business in Texas. With hundreds of plans to choose from, how do you know you’re getting the best plan for your home?

NoDepositLights lets you cut through the jargon and information overload to find the right plan that will save you money, based off of your home’s historical usage.

Shopping with your own usage history is the best way to shop for an electricity plan in Texas.

That’s right — your home’s usage matters (a lot) in terms of pricing. That is because electricity plans are priced according to how much energy you use each month.

Let’s use gasoline as an example to illustrate why usage is an important consideration when choosing the best energy plan for your Texas home.

Is shopping for an electricity plan in Texas different than shopping for gasoline?

The answer is yes! Here’s why…

Electricity plans in Texas are priced according to how much energy you consume.

When you go to the gas station the price per gallon you see on the billboard is the price you pay for gasoline regardless of how many gallons you pump.

With gasoline, and really any other commodity, it doesn’t matter if you use 10 gallons or 30 gallons, the price per gallon does not change.

So at $3 per gallon, if you pump 10 gallons of gasoline you pay $30 and if you pump 30 gallons you pay $90. The math is straight forward and simple.

For any given plan the price (also known as the rate) can vary according to consumption.

The details of this pricing is captured in a document called the Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

The EFL is regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and contains all the pricing and terms of the plan of interest.

Keep reading to learn how to use your personal historical usage to find your best plan.

How to shop and save with your personal historical usage.

Your monthly electricity usage will vary drastically throughout a calendar year.  

The average home uses much more energy in the hot summer or cold winter months than it does during the fall or spring months.

Savvy energy consumers read the pricing terms in the EFL for each plan being considered. They then input all the details into an excel spreadsheet to calculate the monthly costs for all usage levels month by month.

They then add up the costs for each month to compare the total cost of owning each plan for the entire year. With hundreds of plans to compare this math can take hours upon hours of time.

NoDepositLights does the math for you. All you need is your usage history.

Spending 10 minutes to get these 12 numbers and inputting them into the historical usage calculator on NoDepositLights can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bill all year. No spreadsheets required.

Your usage history is readily available on your current provider’s online account or your paper billing statements that come in the mail.

I have my historical usage…now what?

Now that you have your usage you will want to enter it in the historical usage calculator on NoDepositLights.

Here’s how:

  1. Enter your zip code at the top of this page to view energy plans in your neighborhood.
  2. Once you are on the plans page, scroll past the featured section and click on the ‘Shop prices based in usage history’ radio button to pull up the calendar (see screenshot below).
  3. Enter your usage month by month. You dont need all 12 months but the more months of usage you have the better. Click on ‘Calculate’.
Usage Based Light Company Price Shopping

After you click ‘Calculate‘ the lowest priced plan according to your personal usage will be the first plan listed. Hit the sign up button to enroll for that plan. Takes less than 10 minutes.

Try the historical usage tool today and save. Enter your zip code to get started.

I am moving into a new home and do not have historical usage.

If you are moving into a new home you will want to shop based on your estimated usage. Take a look at previous electricity bills to get a general idea of your usage patterns throughout the year.

Shop for a plan that has the lowest rate for your estimated usage. Once you live in your home for a year you can then shop with your historical usage.